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General information


The 2021 International Usher info Symposium is organized as a free digital event. It is open to scientists, patients, and their families. It is scheduled as follows:

  • International Usher info Scientific Symposium (official language: English) from October 6 to 8, 2021 – 3 to 7 pm Paris time each day
  • International Usher info Patient Symposium (official language: French) on October 9, 2021 – 2 to 6 pm Paris time

Due to exceptional circumstances, we will not be able to provide full accessibility for the Scientific Symposium.

French simultaneous transcription & French sign language will be offered for the Patient Symposium.

NEW: Translated-captioning into 16 languages will be kindly provided by the Usher Syndrome Coalition



If you submitted an abstract to the 2020 symposium prior to June 2021, you need to resubmit it here.

If you registered to the 2020 symposium prior to June 2021, you need to register again here.



Scientific committee

The 2021 International Scientific Usher info Symposium is co-chaired by Prof. José-Alain Sahel and Prof. Christine Petit. Its Scientific Committee members are :

  • Isabelle Audo, MD, PhD, France
  • Alberto Auricchio, MD, PhD, Italy
  • Paul Avan, PhD, France
  • Karen Avraham, PhD, Israel
  • Bahram Bodaghi, MD, PhD, France
  • Deniz Dalkara, PhD, France*
  • Aziz El Amraoui, PhD, France*
  • Sandrine Marlin, MD, PhD, France
  • Natalie Loundon, MD, PhD, France
  • Tobias Moser, MD, PhD, Germany
  • Michel Paques, MD, PhD, France
  • Serge Picaud, PhD, France
  • Rémy Potier, PhD, France
  • Avinoam Safran, MD, PhD, France
  • Sylvette Wiener-Vacher, MD, PhD, France
  • Eberhart Zrenner, MD, PhD, Germany

* : Operational correspondents 

Patient Symposium Program Committee

  • Isabelle Audo, MD, PhD, Institut de la Vision, France
  • Christina Fasser, Retina International, Switzerland
  • Natalie Loundon, MD, PhD, Necker Hospital, France
  • Sandrine Marlin, MD, PhD, Institut Imagine, France
  • Dominique Sturz, Retina Int Special Interest Group on Usher Syndrome, Austria
  • Krista Vasi, Usher Syndrome Coalition, USA
  • Marie-Josée Duran, PhD, Fondation Pour l’Audition, France
  • Emanuela De Luca, PhD – Fondation Voir et Entendre, France
  • Katia Marazova, PhD – Fondation Voir et Entendre, France

Organizing committee

  • Marie-Josée Duran, PhD – Fondation Pour l’Audition, France
  • Emanuela De Luca, PhD – Fondation Voir et Entendre, France
  • Stéphane Duhieu, PhD –  Fondation Voir et Entendre, France
  • Katia Marazova, PhD –  Fondation Voir et Entendre, France

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