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Abstract submission

The Program Committee welcomes the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations.



  • Abstracts must be submitted online and only in English.
  • The body of the abstract must be 250 words or less
  • The presenting author will be considered as the contact author.
  • Abstracts should clearly address the following points: background, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. Also, acknowledge source of funding.
  • Do not include abbreviations in the title. Standard abbreviations may be used in the abstract body without definition. Nonstandard abbreviations must be defined the first time they appear in the abstract body.
  • Do not use Greek letters and symbols.
  • Tables, figures, and references are not allowed.
  • Since the abstract will be published as submitted, proof-read your abstract to make sure it is accurate.
  • Presenting authors must register and attend the symposium. Otherwise, the corresponding abstract(s) will be withdrawn.
  • Presenters must be available during the assigned sessions.
  • Abstract submission will be confirmed to the presenting author by e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 2 weeks of submission, please contact research@pourlaudition.org.
  • The deadline for withdrawal of abstracts is March 31, 2020.
  • Abstracts will be published in the symposium proceedings.
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The body of the abstract in English must be 250 words or less.

If you have difficulties in submitting your abstracts or questions regarding abstract submission, contact research@pourlaudition.org. Include the name of the presenting author (and poster number (if received) in your correspondence).

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